Monday, October 17, 2016



​It looks harder than it actually is..  you will have more trouble playing it FAST (or real time) than you will actually LEARNING the song or notes.
  • ​You may have some trouble with the Hammer
    -On​s & Pull-Offs, but that's primarily because it's Something NEW to you, not because it's difficult.​
  • ​On the TAB sheet, the "H" refers to Hammer-On;  the "P" refers to "Pull-Off"...  refer to this article to learn more about these techniques..  Introduction to Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
  • ​Keep in mind: on article, it shows a Riff in "G". This is the same Riff we are using in "Wildwood Flower", only it is in "C".  To translate, just move all notes -up- one string;  and the last note will be "2nd string-1st fret" (C) instead of open 3rd (G) string.​   (SEE TAB BELOW)


(1) Click on Song-- It opens in seperate page.

(2) Right Click on Song.

(3) Look for & Click on "Save Image As"...

(4) Give it a Name & Pick a Location on Your Computer.

 Here's a video of Wildwood Flower... thanks to DJ Snider & Terri Jones.

Hope to add another version with both hands soon.   Hope this helps you.

On the VERSE (1ST Section) 


  • I am primarily using my THUMB for ALL notes on the right hand &strings 6--5--4--3.  (I use Thumb also on 3rd string here).

  • On the fret (left) hand, try to utilize the C Chord formation instead of playing individual notes outside of the chord shape. You should be able to HOLD the C Chord shape and pick-up and put-down fingers on notes. 

  • Play the 4th string 3rd fret (F) note with your pinky finger
     while still holding the C Chord.

On the CHORUS (2ND Section)

PLAYING (right) HAND​​
  • I'm primarily using my Middle finger ​(right hand) ​on ALL or MOST of the notes.  It may be easier for you to try using two fingers (2-middle & 3-ring).

  • Once again, I'm HOLDING the C Chord shape, rather than playing outside of the shape.
  • ​Use your pinky finger (left hand) to fret the notes on the 2nd string.​

ENDING (Tag or Riff)


  • ​If you want, you can ADD a Tag onto the END of the song.
  • If the Hammer-Ons are not working for you, you -CAN- play each note seperately;  however, you will SEE that it does NOT sound the same.
  • ​Refer to the Notes and Link above about Hammer-Ons.​

Any Questions?