Monday, July 21, 2014

Blowin' in the Wind {Bob Dylan}

    Here is my Guitar TAB adaptation of "Blowin' in the Wind".   If you already have this song in your workbook, it is an older version, it is still good, but this one is better.  This one incorporates what is called "double-stops", which are two-note chords, usually plucked with the thumb and finger.   If you are have not learned or find it difficult to play the "double-stops", you can simply play the TOP NOTE and this should be the Melody Line  

  •  In the first bar of the 2nd & 4th lines on page 1,and in the first bar of the 2nd line on page 2, the song changes from verse to verse, and so in some verses, all three notes are played while in others, the first note is sustained, and only two notes should be played.
  •  At the END of the 2nd & 4th lines on each page, the notes that are tied together should be held or sustained.  They are NOT to be played twice.
Hope you will enjoy playing this song!
Page One

Page Two

Guitar TAB © 2014 by Bob Wingate

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Frolic" {arr. by Mel Bay}


   "Frolic" was originally published as a "duet"; that is, these lines were originally meant to be played separately by TWO players.   If you attempt to play both of these parts simultaneously, it will be quite a challenge.  For this reason, I may have to make some changes at some point to accommodate double-stops.   

   If you have a playing partner, divide the song up into "high" and "low" and play as a duet.  The two parts form quite a lovely harmony.   I hope soon to add an audio/video of this song, so that you will have something to play along with, even when you are alone.

   The last two measures are to be strummed or plucked, not played one note at a time.

   In the original duet, there are a time or two when the two players play the SAME NOTE.. and of course, it was impossible for me to show that in double-stops.  So, whenever that happened, I substituted a note at the 5th fret.   Ex: 5th (next-to-last) line, 3rd bar.  There is a "0" and a "5".. these are the SAME note.

"Frolic", arranged by Mel Bay, 
{found on pg. 4, Mel Bay Guitar Method, Vol. 2}