Sunday, June 5, 2016

In My Life-- The Beatles

   Here is a brand new song-- "In My Life".  It is typically attributed to John Lennon, although the song is legally assigned to "Lennon/McCartney" and recorded by The Beatles.

   I've transposed the song into the KEY OF C for ease of playing.  There is still a barre chord here-- Fm-- but it is considered a half barre (only three notes).   Play it either with your first finger.   You can also slide your thumb across the Top of the fretboard to play the bass note.

   If you are comfortable with barre and other more difficult chords, feel free to transpose it back to the Key of G or A (it is recorded in the Key of A). 

   I'll TRY to add an audio or video recording for you of this song at some time.   You can watch the videos on YouTube, but all of them will be in either the Key of G or A


     Page Two is the Instrumental Bridge or Break part.  Honestly-- I can't play it yet at regular speed.   So don't necessarily expect to master this right away.   But you can learn it and play it at a slower pace, and then perhaps speed up later.

     At the conclusion of the Instrumental Break, the song goes back to the D.S. sign ("Though I'll never lose affection...") and continues until the End. 

followed by these four notes :   
  • Open 2nd string (B)-- 
  • G @ 2nd fret (A)-- 
  • Open 2nd string (B)--  
  • B @ 1st fret (C)