Sunday, January 31, 2016


Downtown-- a #1 pop hit in 1964 by Petula Clark--- was requested by a guitar student of mine.   I've heard this song for many years, and like many other songs, it takes on a new dimension for me whenever I go about the process of learning it on the guitar.

---Performing Notes--- 
  • The original song was recorded in the key of "E"--- however, because of the effort to arrange the song in an easy--to--play form, the Guitar TAB has been written in the key of "C".   It's very easy, though, to play it in the original key. 
  • Just slap your capo on the fourth (4th) fret--- and you can play along with the original recording.   There are quite a few YouTube postings of this song-- here is one that features various pictures of the artist and her song covers.

  • At the end of the chorus, there is a four--bar interlude between verses.  There are two sets of four chords; each chord gets two beats.  8x2=16 divided by 4= 4 bars.
  • At the end of the second (2nd) verse, the recording changes key, going up a half (1/2) step to the key of "F" and launches into an instrumental solo.   The song picks up at the Bridge--- or end of the second line--- where the rest of the "third" verse picks up.   To keep things simple, just stay in the key of "C" (or E, if you're capoed up)-- and keep on playing.
  • At the END of the song, the recording fades out--- but you can simply return to the "C" chord.
  • There are a LOT of repetitive notes in this song.  This might lead you as the player to take these notes for granted.   Do NOT--- treat each note as an important part of the song.    Just because there are seven open notes in a row--- (like at the beginning of the song)--- it does NOT mean that  ALL of them should be played and sound alike.   There should be nuances and changes in rhythm.   Listen to the recording, and attempt to play these notes in the proper way--- with feeling.

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